Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. You never know when they will strike and you have to be well prepared for when the unexpected arrives. To get started we recommend basic emergency & disaster supplies. Get one step closer to being prepared for what life may send your way.
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LifeSafe Services offers Safety Management Programs, Emergency Oxygen Equipment, Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and various other medical supplies. Read More
Kits for being prepared for surviving during or after a major catastrophic event such as earthquake, hurricane, blizzard, tornado, flood, act of terror or other event. Read More
Kits for being prepared for responding to an emergency event such as personal injury, accident, trauma, rescue, and other injuries.
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Custom kits built to your specific need and situation. Read More

Kits for an active lifestyle including, hiking, cycling, sports, camping, and other activities. Read More

Kits for being prepared for dealing with the every day cuts, burns, injuries and illness at home, work, or at play.
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LifeKit, a division of LifeSafe services, is an industry leader in providing innovative and effective disaster preparedness and emergency preparedness products to businesses, schools, individuals, and government agencies.

For over 17 years LifeKit has been one of the most respected emergency kit and survival kit providers in the United States. Located in Jacksonville Florida, we have developed an impressive client base of over 5,000 customers in all fifty states and around the world. Some of the most respected organizations in all industries turn to LifeKit for their disaster preparedness and emergency preparedness needs.

Our success is driven by our attention to each client. Whether you need a single first aid kit or a full disaster preparedness solution, we work with you individually to guarantee that we provide the kits that fit your specific needs.

Our clients gain peace of mind from knowing that they are using some of the most highly respected survival preparedness products available. Be prepared with the proper emergency supplies before disaster strikes. Our survival kits include:
» First aid kits
»Earthquake preparedness kits
»Hurricane preparedness kits
»Many other custom developed disaster preparedness kits.

Love the outdoors? LifeKit should be your first stop for outdoor survival kits. Whether you enjoy hiking, camping, cycling, soccer, sailing, swimming and all of the other activities in our lives, it is important to be prepared for the cut, scrapes and bruises that go along the way. We offer a full catalog of emergency preparedness kits perfect for the outdoor enthusiast including:
»Emergency Outdoor Kits
»Sports First Aid Kits
»Camping First Aid Kits
»Outdoor Survival Kits

In an emergency every second matters. LifeKit offers a complete line of first response emergency preparedness kits for home and office use. Being prepared with proper emergency supplies can be the difference in a critical situation. LifeKit has developed a unique line of kits for a variety of emergency situations. These Emergency Preparedness kits are appropriate for use by EMT and emergency professionals as well as anyone that might be in a "first responder", trauma, rescue, and other injury situation. These kits include emergency supplies including triage and rapid treatment essential items for dealing with burns, fractures, accidents, medical conditions, as well as the simple cuts, abrasions and sprains.

Emergency preparedness kits assist seriously injured workers until an ambulance arrives or while being transported to emergency care, and are an indispensable part of a total preparedness plan. These emergency supplies will help minimize the consequence of any emergency situation

Our most popular item is our first aid kits. LifeKit has a complete line of First Aid Kits to meet your every need. Our first aid kits contain the essential supplies for dealing with your everyday first aid needs. We have developed specific first aid kits for most every situation ranging from individual Kits, auto, truck, water resistant, school, office, industrial, as well as major emergency kits.

We offer GREAT prices on our first aid kits that come in a variety of convenient cases and sizes. Being prepared for emergencies with the proper first aid medical supplies is crucial. The first aid supplies that come in these medical bags will help provide the needed first aid care when the unthinkable happens. Having quality first aid supplies will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Thank for visiting the LifeKit web site. For more information about any of our emergency preparedness products please email us.